Guided Colorado Still Water Fly Fishing Trips

Our still water float trip will likely take you to a trophy trout fishery in South Park. The reservoirs in the region are considered some of the finest still water trout fishing grounds in the state.  Fishing still water uses different techniques than river fishing, and our guides are experts at honing your skills to ensure that you are successful in still water environments going forward.  If you have arrived during river runoff or you would like to experience a different type of fishing, a still water float may be just the ticket for you.

You will be amazed at the size and fight of the fish that Colorado’s still water options offer.  24-inch plus fish are not abnormal and during certain times of the year double-digit fish days are not uncommon.  You will love the relaxing atmosphere of still water floats, as you take in the breathtaking scenery and enjoy lunch on the lake waiting for one of Colorado’s still water monsters to take your offering.

Each trip is customized to the experience and ability of your group and to your personal preferences for your guided still water float fishing trip in Colorado.  Here at The Colorado Angler, we are resolute in our desire to provide you with the best guided fly fishing experience possible, both from the perspective of catching fish and from enjoying your experience to the fullest.  We never forget that we are fishing because it is fun!


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