Guided Colorado Fly Fishing Wade Trips

Guided Wade fly fishing trips by The Colorado Angler are our most flexible option.  Whether you would like to fish a gold medal trout stream or trophy big water such as the Colorado River, we’ve got something to offer you.  Guided fly fishing wade trips give you the opportunity to really work a piece of water and use all of your senses to target and land specific fish.  The Colorado Angler’s guides are the best in the business and highly experienced on rivers such as The Blue River, The Arkansas River, The Colorado River and The South Platte River.

Under the watchful eye and tutelage of The Colorado Angler’s professionally certified guides, everyone from the most experienced anglers to first-time fisherman are sure to get into fish and learn the most effective techniques to target and catch trout consistently.  From aggressive brown trout on the middle fork of the Platte, to the tail water fish of the “Dream Stream” and the cutthroats of the Upper Arkansas to the big Rainbow Trout of the mighty Colorado River, you are sure to create memories of a lifetime on your guided fly fishing wade trip with The Colorado Angler.

Half-day trips are 4 hours in length and generally begin at the shop at 7:30am or 1:00pm.  Full-day trips begin at the shop at 7:30am and are a minimum of 8 hours, but sometimes may run longer.  Each trip is customized to the experience and ability of the anglers as well as to their personal preferences for their guided wade fishing trip in Colorado.  Here at The Colorado Angler, we are resolute in our desire to provide you with the best guided fly fishing experience possible, both from the perspective of catching fish and from enjoying your experience to the fullest.  We never forget that we are fishing because it is fun!

Wade trips are our most flexible option; we can fish small mountain streams such as the upper Arkansas, or larger freestones such as the upper Colorado River. If slowly wading a meandering meadow streams is your cup of tea then the South Platte may be just the place for you. From aggressive browns in the middle fork of the Platte, to the tailwater water fish of the aptly named “Dream Stream”, the South Platte has something for everyone. While you will not cover miles of river available on a float, wading is about quality, not quantity. Wading gives you the opportunity to really work a spot and use all your senses to target and land specific fish. Wade trips are available in half and full day, with all the same logistics as the floats. Half-day trips are expected to be back at the shop 4 hours after the start, as the guide may be required to take an afternoon trip. Full days are back at a minimum of 8 hours, but sometimes may run longer.


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